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Simple is Joy. Fuel your Spirit, your Body will Follow.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Eating pure sometimes gets stuck at the dressings; or things you use sparingly to bring a bit of added joy to healthy eating.

Nothing is quite as frustrating as eating pure raw veggies with dip, thinking it is healthy
and then when you read the ingredients list on the dip, find that you are just clogging and trashing up your system again with unnecessary or unhealthy additives.

That is where the pure mayo comes in.

Bad mayo has a long shelf life!  (IE: preservatives)

Great mayo has a very short shelf life (IE: Home-made)

Industrial convenience is a terrible habit for healthy pure eating!

So!  What about Home-made mayo?

Here is a simple how-to video I found that shows how it is made.

It is a fairly good video, however I like an even purer recipe than theirs
so here are both:

Here is my recipe:

1 whole egg
white vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
fresh lemon juice

Mayo is good for up to a week in the fridge so it is good to keep your amounts simple!

Use to make dips, dressings, or if desired as a condiment over a lettuce wrap!


From a physical standpoint:

Fasting is about increasing your bodies ability to strengthen itself.

It is about baseline insulin!

A periodic 18-24 hour fast is a fantastic way to support a healthy insulin baseline.

It doesn't have to become extreme, to be extremely beneficial!

Once per month is a great start!  24 hours!

A lot of research in the benefits of a regular fast!

From a spiritual standpoint:

It is also beneficial to occasionally put your body into gentle submission.

I once heard it said that:  "Fasting without prayer is just going hungry!"

There is gratitude for life and creation and heavenly blessings in a regular fast!

Asking the creator for blessings and help during a fast is spiritually enriching.

Millions donate money that they would have spent on food during their routine fast to those in need.

It is not only one of the richest ways to connect spiritually in prayerful meditation.

It also can become a spiritual offering.  A gift that blesses ourselves and others simultaneously.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Super Greens!

Super Greens are just that!

Spinach, chard and kale, super greens are vitamin and nutrient packed super veggies!

Great wilted under fancy plated proteins, mixed with romaine lettuce for salad, or chopped and added to your favorite soups!

Super Greens are an important part of your daily health habits!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Eggs are excellent!

Amazingly good "as is" over medium, or as an omelete with peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and great cheese!

Even great deviled or on salad!

Super yum!  I have raised chickens before and I am grateful for eggs.

Thank you hens!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


One fresh globe artichoke has 64 calories and only 14.3 healthy carbohydrates!

They are delightful boiled or baked!

Melt a bit of fresh butter on it with some onion salt....

Yummy warm and takes awhile to eat!  One petal at a time!

Super fantastic!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Great Cheese!

At only 1-2 ounces per day you want to support GREAT cheese!
Cheese is a family farm art-craft!
Its history is as rich as its tasty varieties of love.

But sadly, not all cheese is about love.
Unloving words creep in like:
Bulk, pre-shredded w/cellulose powder, gum bases, and a variety of unintelligible preservatives or even sugar.  Sugars in cheese?  Yikes!)

No!  Not for my spirit!  No!

My spirit likes the taste of love.

Look for the beautiful little cheeses of love.
Sample those creamy gifts of your fellow man's toil.
From fresh green grass and beloved farm animals.

Read the labels on this whole food goodness.
You will find them.
Rejoice!  In those who talents share their pure ingredients and labors!


1/2 cup per day is fabulous!

Blueberries are brain food, antioxidant super food and great fiber!

Good with salad, plain yogurt, or next to your eggs at breakfast, also makes the best dessert!

Memory, Hope and Happiness!